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Teen’s Death Blamed on Yasmin, Ocella

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A father claims his 15-year-old daughter died of pulmonary embolisms from taking Yasmin and Ocella, contraceptives that a doctor prescribed for acne.

Scott Prewitt claims his daughter’s pediatrician dismissed her embolisms, which began in one leg, as a skin infection. He also stated that Bayer aggressively promoted the contraceptives for off-label uses, and ignored the “serious risks associated with the drug.”

Prewitt is suing drug manufacturers and distributors Bayer, Barr Laboratories, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Intendis for wrongful death and product liability, and the Asheville Children’s Medical Center, Dr. William Bryan III and Kelly Klaaren for negligence, in Buncombe County Court.

Prewitt says his daughter, Brittany Nicole, started taking Yasmin when she was 13 after a dermatologist prescribed the drug for acne in 2007.

Brittany took Yasmin until August 2008, when Dr. Krueger changed the prescription to Ocella, a generic form of Yasmin. Brittany “continued taking the medication as prescribed until her death on June 13, 2009,” according to the complaint.

Brittany collapsed on June 13, had seizures and was taken to Memorial Mission Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. An autopsy revealed that Brittany died as a result of blood clots in both lungs, or pulmonary emboli.

Yasmin has been approved by the USDA or contraception and doctors may prescribe the drug for off-label uses, but drug companies are not legally allowed to promote their drug for any other uses.

Prewitt is charging that the drug maker did exactly that and that the pediatricians knew of the risks, but did not properly warn him and his family. disclaimer: This article: Teen’s Death Blamed on Yasmin, Ocella was posted on Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 at 4:08 pm at and is filed under Uncategorized.

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